Join Weatherby Foundation board members Alain Smith, Mike Rogers, and Keegan McCarthy on this 2-day offshore spearfishing trip on the Pacific Coast! Experience a completely new hunting adventure underwater, off the coast of San Diego California. This mid-summer trip in either 2024 or 2025 begins in San Diego Bay, where you’ll board a private charter bound for San Clemente Island. The trip is designed to allow the experienced captain to locate small kelp paddies where fish congregate near the surface. With a simple mask, fins, snorkel, and speargun, you’ll drift 20 yards toward the floating kelp and immediately be met with curious – and tasty – yellowtail, dorado, and sometimes bluefin tuna. Shooting distances range from 20 feet to 2 feet from the tip of your speargun. All diving gear and spearguns will be provided and inexperienced divers are usually successful on their first trip. Mike has a lifetime of experience in blue water spearfishing and will personally guide you. The boat will include fishing gear, drinks, food, and accommodations for two great days on the Pacific Ocean. Arrival and departure point is San Diego Airport. Not included are California fishing license (2-day license is $27), hotel accommodations, and gratuities (but they will filet your fish!). There will also be opportunities to play golf at Torrey Pines, visit the San Diego Zoo, go to the beautiful Southern California beaches, and many other San Diego experiences either before or after the spearfishing days (not included in the donation).

Value: Priceless!

Donated By: Mike Rogers