President's Message

It was wonderful to have our Weatherby Gala on January 5th after the pandemic robbed us of the opportunity to celebrate together last year.  The Gala is always so special as it brings together in one spot a great many of our friends and colleagues in the hunting world to witness the presentation of the highest award in hunting and to join us in raising funds to fulfill our Mission Statement “to educate youth and the non-hunting public on the beneficial role of ethical sport hunting and its contribution to wildlife conservation, and to protect our constitutional right to do so.” A huge shout out of thanks to everyone who made our 2022 Gala a living, breathing, in-person reality again!

The evening’s camaraderie was delightful, the food was exceptional, and we were delighted to have Candace Owens as our featured speaker who drew on her many experiences to remind us of the wonderful opportunity we have in America to enjoy our country’s freedoms but also of how fragile they are if not defended vigorously against powerful forces both foreign and domestic that are constantly trying to undo them.  All of us have the responsibility to help keep our country free since we know liberty can be lost in a generation (or less) if not properly nurtured and protected.

Our fundraising auction for the Weatherby Foundation was a wonderful success due to the generous donors of amazing items, committed bidders, great emcee and auctioneer, and the board members and staff who put it all together.  Thank you to everyone who had a part in this year’s auction and thank you in advance for what you are already doing to make next year’s event exceed our lofty expectations!

Our biggest disappointment for this year’s Gala was that our great Weatherby Award recipient Alexander Egorov from Russia was not able to be physically present to accept his trophy.  We were able to enjoy Alexander’s video presentation which highlighted his remarkable hunting and conservation achievements which embody the high standards and ideals that keep the Weatherby Award the Number One accolade in the hunting world.  Thank you, Alexander, for all you have done to promote the goals of the Award!

One unique auction item this year that deserves special mention is a funding appeal which provided funds for Robbie Kroger of Blood Origins to work on producing a video presentation entitled “The Proof” to document in a dramatic and irrefutable message that hunting bans work against sustainable wildlife populations, not for them.  Excitement was palpable as one hundred thousand dollars was raised for this cause as many in the room rallied strong financial support.  We know your end product will surpass our expectations, Robbie!

Preparations are already underway to make the Weatherby Gala on January 4, 2023 our best ever! It will be held at the Dallas Omni Hotel before the opening day of the Dallas Safari Club convention.  A special thank you to our great Weatherby Board and our staff Cass Olmstead and Kameron Bybee who know how to make things happen!  We will hope to see you all there, and if you can bring a young hunter with you too to help pass the torch and keep the truth alive.

May God bless you as you enjoy His creations!

Peter A. Larsen, M.D.