Taking the Weatherby Foundation’s Outdoor Expo and Mentoring Program to New Levels

A new partnership was enacted between the Weatherby Foundation International’s Outdoor Expo and Hunter Mentor Program and the Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation’s Trailblazer Program.  Both organizations’ programs have a mutual mission of increasing the participation of youth and families in the outdoors through hunting, the shooting sports, and other related activities.  This partnership will enable both organizations to enhance their effectiveness at generating funds, supporting more programs at the local and regional levels, and enhancing our ability to be more directly involved in your programs.  The Sportsmen’s Alliance will be the organization administering the program in the future with Weatherby Foundation representation.  The  Sportsmen’s Alliance has the personnel and organizational structure that will help ensure the long-term preservation of a national network of outdoor activities, and the Weatherby Foundation can help generate fiscal and donor support.

Since 1998, WFI has grown from two state events to over 35 Outdoor Expo “hands-on” outdoor education events in 23 states with over 350,000 participants in 2012.  We have provided over $1.2 million dollars in grants, 25 planning workshops, developed planning materials, conducted effectiveness surveys, and developed a network of expo planning mentors to assist states in planning and networking for outdoor expo events.

It only makes economic and program growth sense to marry the Outdoor Expo Program with the Sportsmen’s Alliance Trailblazer Adventure Program.  They have a full-time staff devoted to the program, and with a history of supporting events and programs very similar to those supported by the WFI’s Outdoor Expo Program. Since they had the staffing and an existing program, and we had developed the concept, vehicle, and network to execute Outdoor Expos on a national scale it was a natural fit with benefits to both parties.

We in Weatherby Foundation International will continue and enhance our efforts at fund-raising and assisting the Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation’s Trailblazer Adventure Program’s staff in introducing and recruiting even greater numbers of youth and families to the shooting sports and hunting through this new partnership.  Using our experience, planning materials, and program development history, Outdoor Expos and mentoring will be used to enhance the number and effectiveness of tools available to the Trailblazer Adventure Program.

Weatherby Foundation International is very proud of its contributions perpetuating the future of the hunting heritage through its Outdoor Expo Program, and are excited about building on this program and taking it to even greater levels through its partnership with the Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation.

We will continue to need your support and donations to continue the momentum we have generated.  For information on the Sportsmen’s Alliance, please go to their website at:    http://sportsmensalliance.org or to learn more about the Trailblazer Adventure Program please go to:  http://www.sportsmensalliance.org/youth-programs/

Weatherby Foundation International is committed to our mission “To educate youth and the non-hunting public on the beneficial role of ethical sport hunting and its contribution to wildlife conservation”.