Donor – Blood Origins

Item Name – Blood Origins Weatherby Film

Description – The Blood Origins Project is the new generation of documentary story-tellers that has set a new standard of describing the HEART of HUNTING.  In 3 short years the project has garnered over 3 million views on their videos.  Through their story-telling they expose the underlying ideals, passions, and WHY of our beloved lifestyle and hunting community. 

In today’s day and age, we as hunters need to stand up and show a different side to who we are as hunters, and Blood Origins is the best in the business of being able to capture that heart.  They have interviewed the likes of Jim Shockey and Will Primos, and have been able to tell their stories in such a way that people sit up and take notice, and because of that they are the best choice to do a film on the Weatherby.

This film will interview past Weatherby Award Winners and create and produce a film that articulates the drive, character, and HEART of the Weatherby Foundation.  This film will be generational in nature, capturing the hearts of past Weatherby winners, showcasing who we are, while also being used as promotional content to showcase who the Weatherby Award truly is. 

The highest bidder of this film will have executive production rights to the film and be the sole presenting partner on the film.  As an added bonus the Blood Origins Team has donated a Blood Origins Episode on the winning bidder. These episodes represent a capture of who you are, essentially a legacy item for you, for your family, and your future kids and grandchildren to know who you were, what hunting meant to you, and essentially be an heirloom piece for your family legacy.  There is no better way to capture who you are in today’s creative digital world than through a Blood Origins Episode on YOU.  Travel to the lower 48 States (contiguous United States) is included in this donation; anything beyond that will incur additional expenses.

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Value: $50,000