President’s Message

It has now been a few short months since the Weatherby Gala honoring the recipient of the 2016 Weatherby Award, Ken Barr.  Ken’s accomplishments are outstanding and this honor is very well deserved.  I commend Ken for his determination and commitment, and congratulate him for his achievement.  I would also like to express my heartfelt thanks to Alain Smith for his work as emcee for the evening.  Alain brings his unique talent and ability to capture his audience by turning everyday situations into hilarious vignettes related to the topic at hand.

With that said, the topic at hand is the challenging schedule for the Weatherby Gala in 2018, with our dinner taking place on January 3rd, closely following the busy holiday season in the U.S. and indeed around the world.  I sincerely applaud and appreciate the commitment of the Weatherby Board in meeting the scheduling challenges and for their individual efforts to support the Weatherby Gala with their time and financial resources in order to continue the proud tradition which has been established over the course of our history.

Weatherby staff, volunteers, and donors join forces to ensure that we not only have an evening that honors the newest Weatherby recipient along with the heritage of past winners, but one that also provides an opportunity for hunters and outfitters from around the globe to reconnect and recommit to the successful fundraising which makes this event possible.

I will be reaching out over the coming months to encourage the continued support of our donors, the Weatherby Board, and the hunting community to ask for your support to strengthen and build on our past as we plan for the future.  It is my goal to continue the legacy of the Weatherby Award as we work together toward a common pursuit of excellence.

Best regards,

Ralph Cunningham, President